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In this week's episode, Nasir and Matt debate how patent firms affect small businesses, discuss the importance of Small Business Saturday for local businesses, and analyze the lawsuits surrounding companies offering fake markdowns–anyone hear of false advertising?  The two also welcome guest Tyler Jensen of The Startup Garage, who offers his take on making financial projections in business plans and the best entity to form when attracting investors.  Nasir and Matt also answer questions on whether digital signatures are legal and whether a business owner's spouse takes over when the owner passes away. Our audio producer also sneaked in a blooper reel at the end.

Tyler Jensen is a serial entrepreneur and start up expert who is the Founder and CEO of The Startup Garage, a business plan writing and start up consulting company located in Solana Beach, CA. After moving to San Diego from Virginia Beach, Virginia, Tyler began his third entrepreneurial venture, San Diego’s VAVI Sport and Social Club, at the age of 22. Tyler grew VAVI to become the 30th fastest growing private company in San Diego in 2006 and 32nd fastest in 2007 before he sold it in 2008. Eager to help others find the same success he has, Tyler has created The Startup Garage, a company dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs bring their dreams to life.

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