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Ep 6: Mining for Bitcoins

Tyler Sickmeyer of Fidelitas Development crashes the podcast, offering his perspective on stories about lawsuits surrounding the legitimacy of negative Yelp reviews, the crackdown on Airbnb and the sharing economy, the possibility of Facebook disappearing, and the legalities of fake online profiles.  Tyler also assists Nasir and Matt in answering questions about making employees work on Thanksgiving, the options for business experiencing chargebacks, and accepting Bitcoin as payment.

Thanks again to Tyler, who is also raising money for the tornado victims in Illinois. Sickmeyer started his first business in 2005 when he founded RockStock, a concert promotions company, as a student service project in his honors program. Over the next few years Sickmeyer balanced a full load of classes, his company, and college basketball before leaving school to focus on his true passions: basketball and business.

In 2008, Sickmeyer launched 5Stone Marketing, now known as Fidelitas Development. Sickmeyer is actively involved in client campaigns and loves coming up with the next great idea for clients. Sickmeyer currently plays minor league basketball for the ABA’s San Diego Surf and is available for speaking dates.


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