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Nasir Pasha, Esq.

Nasir Pasha, Esq.

Nasir N. Pasha is the managing attorney of Pasha Law, providing essential legal services and support to businesses and corporations in California, Illinois, New York, and Texas. He oversees all of the firm’s operations and is a pivotal force in maintaining client relationships and ensuring that each transaction is brought to its best possible conclusion. His passion for problem-solving and his natural fascination for diverse businesses and legal processes give Mr. Pasha a unique ability to visualize solutions to even the most complex matters. Clients love his ability to translate their legal concerns into simple terms, facilitating transparency and a better understanding of legal processes and their implications. Mr. Pasha holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Government from San Diego State University in California and received his JD from Thomas Jefferson School of Law at San Diego State. He established Pasha Law in San Diego in 2008, and in 2014, expanded his practice to Houston, Texas. His ultimate vision was to disrupt the traditional legal business model of billable hours, instead, setting a fixed monthly rate for select general counsel services that are specifically tailored to the needs of today’s business community. With a strong focus on trust, value, and building strong relationships, Pasha Law has proven itself to be a forward-thinking, client-centric partner with substantial expertise and a commitment to sustainable business processes. Mr. Pasha’s legal experience encompasses a wide range of practice expertise, from business law and litigation to broker legal compliance, real estate law, dispute resolution, health care law, regulatory compliance, and online business defamation. He has successfully helped his clients resolve complex issues relating to contracts, intellectual property rights, employment law, risk management, litigation management, and corporate governance, striking a crucial balance between conservative advice and practical solutions as the need dictates. According to Mr. Pasha, his greatest reward is in getting to know his clients and their businesses. He works very closely with his clients and has gained a valuable understanding of the ins-and-outs of their respective industries with the same kind of hands-on experience that business executives are accustomed to. This has summarily given him a deep understanding of mineral rights, real estate, and hospitals as well as businesses that include organic chocolate manufacturers, quick service/fast food restaurants, auto dealerships, telemedicine providers, apparel manufacturing and design companies, construction firms, subscription box delivery services, coffee shops, educational institutions, and many more besides. When he is not zealously representing his clients, Mr. Pasha produces and co-hosts a legal podcast (Legally Sound | Smart Business) with fellow Pasha Law attorney Matt Staub. In this podcast, the two attorneys answer client questions and analyze current legal issues that have an impact on the business world. Additionally, Mr. Pasha often lends his expertise to local radio programs in Houston, offering guidance on matters pertaining to corporate law. If he wasn’t practicing law, unearthing the angles that nobody else can see and solving problems for is clients, Mr. Pasha would likely be a programmer. A hobbyist PHP coder, he loves to build web apps in his spare time and keeps his mind and body in peak condition by running, hiking, campaigning for displaced refugees, and traveling the world.
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Legally Sound | Smart Business covers the top business stories with a legal twist. Hosted by attorneys Nasir N. Pasha and Matt Staub of Pasha Law, Legally Sound | Smart Business is a podcast geared towards small business owners.

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