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A social media presence is not really a “nice to have” for most businesses these days. It’s an important aspect of your marketing strategy. Social media can create a host of problems for businesses, though. From hiring to advertising, customer reviews to employees posting, we’ve got podcast episodes and videos to help you.

Scroll down for the ins and outs of social media engagement for your business.


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Want to learn more about how your business can responsibly engage on social media? Our lawyers address common questions in these videos.

Can employers use social media during a background check to search personal social media accounts?

Nasir discusses this new normal during the hiring process.

Who owns the content on social media accounts?

Nasir digs deep into different guidelines of content creation ownership.

Many companies are beginning to use social influencers for product or service endorsements.

But many of these influencers are unknowingly breaking the law.

Is your company social media policy concise enough to not land you in hot water?

Nasir discusses a case of a national brand whose employee's handbook policy is too broad.

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