Employment Law Basics You Need to Know.


Hiring, Firing, and Managing Employees

Do you know when a staffer is an employee or a contractor? Why exactly DO we need an employee handbook? We know from working with business owners that hiring new employees or dismissing those that are no longer the right fit can be stressful times in the evolution of your business. Let’s not forget the importance of the actual management of your employees.

To help you out, we’ve gathered all our most important employment law basics in one location.

An employee management infographic listing the employment law basics: update policies, set performance expectations, review hiring processes, discipline consistently & conduct exit interview.

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Employment Law Basics That Reduce Risk for Your Business

The Pasha Law blog has covered (nearly!) every topic related to employees. Whether your concern is with policies or employment classification, we have information to guide you.

Read about the nuts and bolts of modifying a 401k plan

Approximately a quarter of US companies considering some kind of modification of the 401k plans provided for their employees.

Here’s how to go about changing material terms within Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”)-regulated retirement plans.

Read about why an employee handbook is needed

Employee handbooks tend to become cumbersome documents, full of legalese.

Find out how to make your employee handbook into a user-friendly tool.

Read about how the U.S. National Labor Board revisits independent contractor status under federal law

The US National Labor Board (NLRB) recently asked for commentary on the standard for proving independent contractor status under federal law.

The NLRB’s actions may signal a reconsideration of how independent contractors are classified.

Find out out the 9 solutions to client problems in response to COVID-19

Looking back, our firm breaks down some of the issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are the answers to 9 common questions from our clients.

How do I reduce risk for my business?

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