Selling Your Business?

What you need to know.

Ready to sell your business? Don’t sell yourself short in the process. Should you be selling assets or shares? Do you need a broker?

Prepare yourself to get the most out of your transaction process with these resources.

If you’re planning on selling a business, you’ll need a legal team on your side, often at a moment’s notice. Our Pasha Law Select Clients text us any time, without paying hourly rates.

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Learn about the business-selling process with these articles from the Pasha Law blog.

There are generally three ways to sell your business: 1) assets, 2) stock purchase, and 3) bootstrap. The decision to structure the sale of your business involves consideration of a variety of factors.

Check out our full business legal guide to get you started.

The buy/sell agreement protects the future of the business by defining the rights and obligations of co-owners in the event that one owner exits for any number of reasons.

Find out what a well drafted buy/sell agreement should do.

Depending on the needs of the client, one type of sale may be preferable, or a purchase, or even both.

Here are some considerations and issues to watch out for.

Not all sellers have a huge “For Sale” sign in the window of their business. For the most part sellers are using business brokers to place ads or contact potential buyers.

Learn about the responsibilities of a broker and how to select one to help sell your business.

There are plenty of websites, web-based apps, mobile-based apps, or other internet-based business that are actually profitable.

Check out our full business legal guide to get you started.

How else can I get support for my specific business?

If you’re looking to sell your business, don’t do it alone. Pasha Law is as invested in helping you get the most from the sale of your business as you are. Our Pasha Law Select customers enjoy a flat rate fee structure that allows us to truly understand their needs, without additional fees.

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