Buying an Existing Business: What you need to know.

We equate buying a business to getting married – the process can be very similar to a wedding, from brokers (matchmakers) all the way through to the honeymoon phase (post-closing transaction period). But just like with planning a wedding, if you don’t take the proper steps prior to the event, the outcome will be a disaster.

Scroll down for resources and tips all about the business-buying process.

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If you’re planning on buying a business, you’ll need a legal team on your side, often at a moment’s notice. Our Pasha Law Select Clients text us any time, without paying hourly rates.

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Learn more of the “how-to’s” of buying an existing business with these articles from the Pasha Law blog.

A thorough due diligence process when buying a business will provide you a proper understanding of the financial health of the business.

Learn about the types of due diligence and why it matters.

Thinking of buying a franchise? For many, franchising is the first foray into owning your own business.

Here’s how to make sure you can expect a decent return on your investment.

Buying a business rather than building one from the ground up has pros and cons. It may be more expensive at first, but it may also be profitable very quickly.

Find out more about the two basic ways to buy a business.

During a big purchase or the sale of your business, you may wonder how to ensure trust between you and the other person in the transaction.
Find out what an escrow agent actually does and why you would want to utilize one.

Virtually every business enters into vendor and contracting agreements during the normal course of business.

Learn about what is important to consider when dealing with these contracts.

How else can I get support for my specific business?

Yes, we review contracts, but we also help clients negotiate business purchases, and so much more. From partnership agreements to employer risk management, we’re as invested in your business as you are. Pasha Law Select clients enjoy a flat-rate fee structure that allows us to truly understand their business inside and out.

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