Zachary Rader


Advice to business owners:

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.


Houston, Texas.

People typically do not know that:

He collects butterflies, moths, skippers, and other insects. However, he does not and will not collect spiders!

Clients can expect:

Diligence, thoroughness, and fulfilling their changing legal needs as their business grows.

Client fit:

Zachary enjoys working with clients with a growing business and can adapt to those ever-changing needs. He loves to take on new challenges while learning new things.

Best Paralegal skill:

Zachary’s most distinctive skill is that he pays attention to the smallest details that many others overlook.

Bragging rights:

Believe it or not, he has beaten almost every single SNES (Super Nintendo) game.

To focus on work:

He will put in headphones and turn on house music.


Zachary is our resident paralegal and is an integral part of the work that’s done behind the scenes of Pasha Law PC and is the backbone of the firm. Zachary provides dedicated paralegal support to our business legal transactions. He has experience preparing documents for the state, including formation, drafting contractual agreements, preparing letters, reviewing agreements, and much more. He is committed to assisting clients in their time of need. Zachary enjoys writing, taking strolls in the woods, and spending time with his friends.

Zachary attended the LSC-North Harris’ Advanced Paralegal Studies Program which has given him the upper edge in providing clients with the most reputable work. His skills were sharpened when he joined the Attorney General’s Office shortly after obtaining his Paralegal Degree. Zachary’s proudest moment from his time at LSC-North Harris’ Advanced Paralegal Studies Program was that he was the only student in his class to receive a perfect score for his research paper, which he spent one full semester on.