Vanessa Pham

Client Manager

Advice to business owners:

Treat everyone with respect.


The city of Disneyland. Anaheim, California.

People typically do not know that:

Vanessa is 1/8th French. Instead of learning English as her 2nd language while growing up, she learned how to speak both Vietnamese and French.

Clients can expect:

To receive diligence and thoroughness to ensure they are provided with 100% quality care. Vanessa treats everyone that she works with the way she would want to if the roles were reversed.

Client fit:

Clients that are responsive, pro-active and has a go-getter mindset.

Bragging rights:

Vanessa started her marketing career at a Telecommunications company and reached a goal for a marketing campaign three months in advance from the projected date.

To focus on work:

She will play instrumental Disney music in the background.


Vanessa is the Community Engagement and Office Manager at Pasha Law PC. Since we only have a small team, her role is quite diverse and covers a lot of ground amongst the team. It can be anything from preparing for our next big event, posting out on our socials, or even adding and updating content on the website and all the extent to digital marketing.

Vanessa received her Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Houston with plans in place to pursue a career in the legal industry. Shortly after, she realized that she enjoys Marketing as she can be creative and analytical at the same time. Vanessa embarked on her marketing career at a telecommunication company and self-taught herself within a short period of time. She oversaw all digital and traditional marketing, analyzing trends, and pay-per-click ad campaigns.