Shon Dang

Senior Attorney

Advice to business owners:

Be brave at heart and not afraid to fail. Failure should be the seed that motivates success. Treat your business as a refelection of yourself.


Houston, Texas

People typically do not know:

My father was a fisherman, and growing up, I disliked the open waters and fishing due to spending every summer working on a shrimp boat. It was hard work, and I never enjoyed it. Surprisingly, now I love going fishing and being on the open waters.

Clients can expect:

Honesty and forthrightness are paramount. I believe the best way to assist your client is to be candid about what you can and cannot do for them. It’s crucial to be forthright in managing both your and their expectations regarding the possible outcomes or solutions to the case.

Client fit:

Clients seeking advice, not confirmation. In the realm of running a business or organization, decision-makers tend to seek and heed advice that aligns with their decisions or chosen direction. As legal counsel, our duty is to offer guidance, even if it may run counter to what the client wishes to hear.

Best lawyer skill:

Looking ahead strategically. I’ve never quite understood why people driving rush to get to the end of the street when there’s a red light. Taking a moment to grasp and assess the circumstances surrounding a problem, it’s essential to project the potential issues and solutions. As legal advisors, our role involves guiding clients to recognize potential legal obstacles at the end of their path while presenting diverse legal pathways for consideration.

Bragging rights:

At the age of 9, I found myself involved in a federal case as a translator. This experience opened my eyes and ignited a passion for pursuing a career as an attorney.

To focus on work:

Silence prevails amid the pervasive noise. Like a laser shining brightest in the absence of light, for me, silence brings calmness and a momentary pause from the surrounding chaos.


Shon immigrated to the United States from Vietnam in 1975 and was raised in Galveston, Texas. He pursued a double major in Economics and Political Science at UCLA, where he distinguished himself and earned a coveted internship in the Office of Refugee Resettlement in Washington DC.

Shon enrolled in the South Texas College of Law in Houston. Following his law school tenure, he served as a briefing attorney for the 125th District Court. In the initial years of his legal career, Shon specialized in business transactions, real estate development, and commercial leasing.