Rustam Abedinzadeh


Advice to business owners:  

Understand that your employees are your best asset.


Houston, Texas.

People typically do not know:

Rustam really enjoys riding his bicycle around Houston’s bike paths and bayous, or as he says, “Houston at 15-20 mph is a completely different city.”

Clients can expect:

A friendly, professional, and responsive experience. As Michael Bolton once said, “Go the distance,” is what he does for all of my clients.

Client fit:

Rustam works well with clients that have a good grasp on their business within their chosen industry. He has found that those clients can have honest conversations about the legal realities of their business. Also, clients who are willing to have those honest conversations usually make the best decisions.

Best lawyer skill:

He cares about his clients very much and enjoys celebrating the success that they can achieve together. Their success makes him incredibly happy. Like Mohammad Ali said, “[s]ervice to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

Bragging rights:

Rustam was able to convince his wife to marry him. On top of that, he had a really high SAT score. Only clients get to learn how high.

To focus on work:

Rustam will do breathing exercises! He loves taking breaks every now and then to reset his mind. When Rustam really needs to focus, he will find an empty desk or conference room in the office.


Rustam Abedinzadeh is a multifaceted attorney at Pasha Law PC. His legal experience involves a wide spectrum of areas such as compliance, staffing, services contracts, but his primary focus is on healthcare. He also has experience representing individuals as well as major-network hospitals. Rustam knows the value of hard work, discipline, and perseverance in the face of adversity, and he applies those values to each case he handles.

Rustam studied Political Economy and English from Williams College, shortly after, he obtained his law degree at the Dedman School of Law. Rustam is also experienced in resolving legal challenges that arise from day-to-day hospital and emergency room operations and has defended healthcare providers in a variety of cases against health insurance companies. He’s also recovered lawfully owed payments on medical claims assigned to healthcare entities by successfully litigating against employers and plan administrators.