Protecting Your Brand.

Your brand is arguably the most important asset of your business’s intellectual property. Ensure you are protecting the company you’ve built or bought by safeguarding your brand, trademarks, and more.

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If you’re constantly asking about the legal concerns surrounding your business’s intellectual property, whether you should apply for a trademark, or how you can do more to protect your brand, then Pasha Law Select may be for you. Our Pasha Law Select clients can contact us as often as they need, without paying hourly rates. Contact us to learn more.

Want to learn more about how you can protect your brand? The Pasha Law blog has an article that might answer your question.

Just like in politics, some ambassadors can do more harm than good.

Learn about the various forms of ambassadors in order to know how they best represent your brand.

Trademark law exists to prevent consumer confusion about the source of a good or service, so if a trademarked brand name becomes common enough, the trademark becomes irrelevant.

Find out if a “Tiffany setting” is unique only to Tiffany & Co.

What Else Should I Know About Protecting My Brand?

Concerns about a rebrand impacting your business? Need more information about
trademarks? At Pasha Law, we’re as invested in your business as you are. A flat-rate fee
structure allows Pasha Law Select customers to rest assured that our firm truly
understands their business inside and out. 

Learn more about our fractional General Counsel service.

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