Overcoming & Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace.

Whether intentional or not, discrimination in the workplace hurts your employees and
hurts your business. Workers spend the majority of their time outside of home at
work, and it should be a safe place for them regardless of their gender, race, disability,
religion, or sexual orientation. Overcoming and preventing workplace discrimination
isn’t just about avoiding lawsuits — it’s the right thing to do.

Prevent lawsuits and create positive, productive, and safe
work environments by overcoming bias and discrimination.

Workplace Discrimination Examples


Female entrepreneurs make up only a small percentage of overall business owners, and capital investment is often hard to come by.

Learn how woman-owned businesses can increase their opportunities.

Numerous state and federal laws are in place to prevent discrimination in the workplace.

These are the protections employers and employees should be aware of.

Can thorough documentation prevent your business from being sued for age discrimination?

Learn how to protect yourself against potential lawsuits.

The founder of Red Lobster and Olive Garden restaurants defied local segregation laws in the 1930s to welcome all customers.

See how small business owners can redefine the status quo.

Company Culture Beyond the Handbook


Documentation and a strong company culture serves your business and your employees.

Here’s what you need to know about company culture beyond the handbook.

Build a better workplace while protecting your business.

Are you at risk for a discrimination lawsuit? Working with a professional law firm can help you both prevent and overcome bias and discrimination in the workplace by creating inclusive policies and procedures and protecting you from lawsuits.

If you want your legal questions answered from a team that knows your business inside and out, Pasha Law Select is for you. You’ll receive high-end general counsel for a fixed monthly rate from a legal team that’s able to work proactively for your business, not reactively.

Learn more about our fractional General Counsel service.

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