Justin Monych


Advice to business owners:

Give due consideration to all alternative courses of action, as well as the implications of each.


Santa Fe, Texas

People typically do not know that:

I have a passion for STEM and a particular love for physics. I spend most of my free time reading, collection antique books, and anything to do with baseball.

Clients can expect:

To receive comprehensiveness, efficiency, and respect. Stemming from my knowledge and experience in Business/Finance, I understand the value of time and the importance of thoroughness in decision-making.

Client fit:

I enjoy working with entrepreneurs that have a passion for their business, and industry and a penchant for forward-thinking solutions.

Best Lawyer Skill:

I am very dynamic and diligent. Clients can expect flexibility and exhaustiveness in my work product and research.

Bragging rights:

Learned differential and Integral Calculus when I was just 13 years old. I was taught by my grandfather who was an advanced mathematics teacher.

To focus on work:

Compartment tasks and stick to a strict time schedule. I will also drink copious amounts of caffeine & listen to Frank Sinatra to be laser focus.


Justin is a well-rounded attorney with a diverse background in both criminal and civil law. He graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s in Finance and later attended the University of Houston Law Center.

Prior to law school, Justin began his legal career as an intern at the Galveston County District Attorney’s office. During law school, Justin was part of the Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic where he had the opportunity to represent underprivileged entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations in the Greater Houston Area. He then went on to work as a law clerk for a reputable civil trial firm where he gained valuable experience in various areas of civil law, followed by his role as a business law associate for a transactional law firm where he gained valuable experience in commercial law issues and managing comprehensive, multi-national transactions.

Justin has now become a valuable member of the team at Pasha Law and brings with him expertise in commercial transactions, corporate governance, taxation, securities, and intellectual property. His background in both criminal and civil law, combined with his education from the University of Houston Law Center, makes him a versatile attorney capable of handling a range of legal issues for his clients.