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General Counsel Select is a legal service providing your business with tailored general counsel services to a select demographic of eligible clients. With no hourly fees and for a fixed monthly rate, your business has a dedicated legal team from Pasha Law PC to handle virtually all your legal needs.

Need a contract drafted or reviewed? Need to terminate an employee? Need business legal advice on structuring your business or maintaining regulatory compliance? Whatever your legal needs, General Counsel Select has your business covered, all with a commitment to no hidden fees and no surprise bills.

All General Counsel Select services includes the following features:

No Hourly Rates
Focus on value-based relationships instead of an attorney maximizing their blillable hours.
Tailored Pricing
Your business has unique needs. We adjust accordingly.
Fixed Monthly Rates
Finally you can actually budget your expected legal costs with fixed fee pricing.
Unlimited Legal Services
With no caps on time, your business remains protected even during busy months.
No Long-term Commitment
Each month your business is earned with a no risk commitment.
Legal Needs Covered
Like having your own general counsel, your everyday business's legal needs are Covered.
Quick Response Times
As a priority client, your business receives prompt responses and turnaround times.
No Surprise Bills
A strict no surprise bill policy gives you complete billing transparency.
that's tailored to your needs.

* See Frequently Asked Questions below & Legal Services Agreement for details.

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This has taken such a burden off my company knowing we have Pasha Law in house.
President of an Organic Chocolate Distribution & Retail Business California
The monthly model works very well for us. The response time of the firm is exceptional and we are extremely satisfied with the service.
Founder of Telehealth PlatformTexas
Having that piece of mind and knowing you are there makes my job just that little bit easier.
President of Landscaping Maintenance Company California
As my business grows I know I have a strong legal team to guide me through. I rest easy at night now.
President of Healthcare Related Management CompanyIllinois
We've been partners with Pasha Law for many years now and highly recommend them.
President of a Leading Branding and Design AgencyCalifornia
Pasha Law always takes the time to answer my phone calls and emails.
CEO of an Auto Financing Firm California

General Counsel Select is available in multiple states:

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Our firm believes in 7 C's of quality legal services

Without any long-term commitment, our lifelong clients value the 7 C's.






Cost Reduction


Why the monthly rate model?

With traditional law firms, the focus is maximizing their billable hours from management to associate. General Counsel Select by Pasha Law PC realigns the incentives between attorney and client by encouraging a value-based relationship.

No longer will you have to go through an unnecessary cost-benefit analysis as to whether or not to use your attorney.

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How much is the monthly fee for General Counsel Select?

Your monthly fee is typically a fraction of the salary, benefits, and taxes you would have to pay for an in-house attorney. The retainer is designed to spread out the cost of your legal needs with it being expected that some months will have more needs than other months. Accordingly, the monthly fee is priced to cover your legal needs over the long-term—though, there is no long-term commitment (see Is there any long-term commitment?).

Pasha Law PC provides General Counsel Select as your business demands while working within your financial plan. This means instead of paying a sizeable up-front retainer or hourly rate, your legal fees are spread out in the monthly fee according to your needs.

In order to help determine your monthly fee for General Counsel Select, your business is based on the estimated legal needs of your business using multiple factors, including:

  • complexity of transactions of your business;
  • number and location(s) of your employees;
  • intricacy of your business structure;
  • framework of the industry of your business; and
  • other risk management factors.
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Is there any long-term commitment?

No. Though General Counsel Select is intended to be a long-term solution to the legal needs of your business, the services are provided on a month-to-month basis and you may cancel at any time.

Since our monthly fee is designed to spread out the cost over a growing relationship, as a law firm we have the opportunity to prove our value each and every month while taking on a substantial risk.

However, we trust that our efforts will prove invaluable.

What is included with General Counsel Select?

We provide a comprehensive scope of legal services to assist your daily business legal needs that are tailored to your specific business model. Typical legal services provided in General Counsel Select include:

  • contract drafting, review and negotiation;
  • employment risk management;
  • intellectual property protection;
  • corporate governance;
  • legal compliance;
  • outside legal counsel management; and
  • general legal risk management.

There are some exceptions that are not included as part of the monthly fee, such as specialty services like litigation, tax opinions, patent filings, employee handbooks or other out of the ordinary services (see What other services do you provide outside of General Counsel Select?).

What other services do you provide outside of General Counsel Select?

Even if you have a legal need outside of General Counsel Select, Pasha Law PC is able to provide a variety of business related legal services handling the most complex of matters. Additionally, our firm partners with attorneys experienced in nearly all areas of the law throughout our service areas. Whether it is a business legal matter handled by our firm or an outside attorney, Pasha Law PC will manage the matter as part of General Counsel Select.

How do I know if General Counsel Select is a good fit for my business?

General Counsel Select is a great option for many businesses but we understand it does not fit everyone. This particular service provided by Pasha Law PC is a fine-tuned model for a business that can benefit from an on demand legal team that is scalable for a business desiring to grow. This service model is for the business that may have the legal concerns but does not yet have the need for a full-time general counsel or legal department on staff. Accordingly, our model is scalable to your needs.

Why choose the General Counsel Select model?

The General Counsel Select model is designed to realign the incentives between attorney and client. No longer do you have to be concerned about surprise bills or inflated hourly fees. With a fixed monthly rate, you can feel assured that your legal demands are met. The General Counsel Select model is designed to create a relationship that focuses on bringing value to you and providing the opportunity to plan for your legal costs.

Ready to discuss General Counsel Select for your business?

Pasha Law PC is not the typical law firm. No hourly rates and no surprise bills are its tenants. General Counsel Select is an ideal solution for certain select businesses.

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