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Trusted General Counsel Services Since 2008

Our vision is to be the law firm behind your business journey. We do that by knowing our clients—by striving to know their business almost as well as they do.

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We represent businesses.
That’s all we do.

Oh, and we love it.

We love our work. We love reviewing that lease for your new location. We thrive on closing that acquisition that nearly fell through. We’re fulfilled when we structure a business to grow, raise capital, and be legally protected.

We focus on developing close relationships with our clients by being like business partners. A partner who provides essential, personalized, proactive legal support.

We do all of this without utilizing the traditional billable hour model. You pay for the value we bring, not the time spent on calls, emails, and meetings.

Our team is made up of attorneys and staff that share these values and we are retained by clients who want the same.

Pasha Law PC operates in the states of California, Illinois, New York, and Texas.

Meet Our Team

Fractional General Counsel Services

Pasha Law Select offers the expertise of a high-end general counsel legal team for every aspect of your business at a fixed monthly rate. Pasha Law Select is deliberately designed to allow our legal team to be proactive, to anticipate, and to be comprehensive in serving our clients. To be great lawyers, we need to know our clients. We can’t know our clients unless we represent a select number of clients in the long-term. This is Pasha Law Select.

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This has taken such a burden off my company knowing we have Pasha Law in house.
President of an Organic Chocolate Distribution & Retail Business
The monthly model works very well for us. The response time of the firm is exceptional and we are extremely satisfied with the service.
Founder of Telehealth Platform
Having that piece of mind and knowing you are there makes my job just that little bit easier.
President of Landscaping Maintenance Company
As my business grows I know I have a strong legal team to guide me through. I rest easy at night now.
President of Healthcare Related Management Company
We've been partners with Pasha Law for many years now and highly recommend them.
President of a Leading Branding and Design Agency
Pasha Law always takes the time to answer my phone calls and emails.
CEO of an Auto Financing Firm

Industries and Services

Industry Specializations

  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • E-commerce
  • Internet Technology

Business Transactions

  • Vendor and Consulting Agreements
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements (Real Estate, Asset & Equity)
  • E-Partnership & Joint Venture Agreements

Entity Governance

  • Entity Creation (Corporation, LLC, LP, etc.)
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Capital Raise and Investments (including PPMs)
  • Corporate Minutes and Filings

Employment Law

  • Employer Risk Management
  • Hiring, Severance, & Termination Packages
  • Employee & Independent Contractor Classification

Intellectual Property

  • Trademark and Patent Filing
  • License Agreements
  • Nondisclosure Agreements

Regulatory Compliance

  • Legal Opinions
  • Compliance Audits
  • Risk Management

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When startups and small businesses decide to expand and raise additional capital, they need a capital-raising strategy. A capital-raising strategy is essentially a roadmap to how your company will raise funds to fuel growth. It creates a plan that your company can use to ensure that you are meeting your goals. This includes: setting a…

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It is no question the role freestanding emergency rooms, otherwise known as freestanding ERs, played in administering COVID-19 tests during the pandemic. In Texas, freestanding ERs had the testing capability and resources to provide the COVID-19 testing patients were seeking when few tests were available during the pandemic. Patients who sought a COVID-19 test could…

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Through a five-round championship bout, Matt travels to Texas from California to determine which state is better for business. Will it be a knockout with a clear winner or will it go to the scorecards?

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Google Spaghettis Another Project and Nets Its 5th Major Lawsuit of Recent Months If corporations are people—and in our current timeline the law considers them as such—then Google is less your intrepid bohemian confidant and more your libertine couch-surfing ne’er-do-well, interminably attempting to maintain face and hold themselves together, come waylay after waylay. In jurisprudence,…

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Covered in this episode of Legally Sound Smart Business are some typical business mistakes blunders small businesses often make and how to avoid them. Blunder #1: Copying and pasting agreements It may sound like a good idea at the time, but this blunder comes with hidden pitfalls. Having an attorney draft terms that are specific…

June 16, 2021

Even before HIPAA, healthcare providers were generally obligated at a state level for certain levels of privacy protections for their patients. HIPAA compliance, though a significant part of risk management, has become well-engrained in everyone’s policies and procedures and training. However, since 2018, healthcare providers that meet the criteria are now forced to comply with…

June 8, 2021

“He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” Frederick Nietzsche Epic Games v. Apple Inc. In a choreographed corporate dance deftly executed by Epic Games founder and luminary Tim Sweeney this past…

February 8, 2021

How you terminate an employee can make the difference between a graceful transition to avoidable negative outcomes like a dramatic exit or even a lawsuit. We gathered a panel of experts and asked them – is there a “right way” to fire an employee? We would like to thank our guests for this episode: Amr…

February 4, 2021

Firm Values

Time-Free Billing

We track accomplishments—not time. Charging clients by the hour has never made sense to us. Where we can, we quote flat-fee prices based upon the scope of the project, or for Pasha Law Select clients, a monthly fee based upon their anticipated needs and resources assigned. Our clients can call us at any time, and we encourage it.

Relationship Driven

A great lawyer doesn’t just know the law, they know their client. We truly believe the only way to be effective attorneys is to develop close relationships with each of our clients by continuously striving to understand their challenges, objectives, and vison.


We give each client what they need, when they need it. We have pride on being a part of our client’s foundation that they can build upon and rely. We measure our dependability by avoiding the need for clients to ever have to follow up.

Crafted Approach

Every client is distinct in their own way. At Pasha Law, we embrace this with an approach that is designed to understand our client’s needs and tailor a targeted plan of action. We listen carefully and act purposefully.


We are task driven and take satisfaction in providing quick turnaround of projects for our clients. We do this by taking a practical and direct approach when dealing with legal issues.


We’ve seen it all. Our expertise allows us to understand whatever issues your business will face, explain the risks and options to you in a reasoned and understandable way, and guide you along the path to success. Our business is the growth of your business.