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Hewlett Packard Enterprise moving to Houston, TX

Along with a better-than-expected 4th quarter SEC earnings report, Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced that it will be moving the company headquarters from San Jose, CA to Houston, TX. The move will come in 2022, with the completion of a new state-of-the-art campus. HPE announced it will consolidate offices in California to the existing San Jose headquarters, but the move will not create any layoffs.

After years of increasingly exotic interpretations of already-vague guidelines, the US Department of Transportation recently set forth new rules for airlines regarding service animals. The new rules define a service animal as a dog, “individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability." All other animals must be checked in the cargo hold, generally for a fee. The new rule also allows airlines to place a limit on the number of service animals per passenger to only two, and they must fit within the passenger's foot space. The revised rule will go into effect in Jan. 2021.

7C’s: Cooperation

In regards to our 7 C's value of Cooperation, Attorney Trang Pham says, “The collaboration and cooperation between our team members makes us effective in helping our clients, whether it’s to help meet client goals, solve a client issue, or to effectively help our clients avoid potential issues.”

Apps and the legal implications of running them are a frequent topic in the Pasha Law blog and Legally Sound | Smart Business podcast. Such an episode from last year, on the legal woes facing popular app, GrubHub, over false charges and microsites. Click here to listen:

World Human Rights Day

"Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home -- so close and so small that they cannot be seen on any maps of the world. Unless these rights have meaning there, they have little meaning anywhere."
Eleanor Roosevelt.

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General Counsel Select is a legal service providing your business with tailored general counsel services to a select demographic of eligible clients. With no hourly fees and for a fixed monthly rate, your business has a dedicated legal team from Pasha Law PC to handle virtually all your legal needs.

Need a contract drafted or reviewed? Need to terminate an employee? Need business legal advice on structuring your business or maintaining regulatory compliance? Whatever your legal needs, General Counsel Select has your business covered, all with a commitment to no hidden fees and no surprise bills.

When the vaccine becomes available, some employers are planning to mandate inoculation of all employees from COVID-19. There is plenty of guidance and discussion on whether an employer can mandate testing, but vaccinations are a different matter.

Current Guidance

The first step before making the decision to mandate vaccinations (after seeking legal counsel) is to determine whether the EEOC or similar state agencies have released guidance in this area. The EEOC has yet to provide specific opinion as to a hypothetical COVID-19 vaccine that has yet to be released, but they did address the matter in the H1N1, swine flu pandemic.

Our General Counsel Select service has no hourly fees. What does that mean? We assess your business's unique needs, and provide you a flat monthly fee for service - no extra fees for services that fall in your contract. You no longer have to do a cost-benefit analysis to decide if you can afford to call for legal advice. Rest easy knowing that your business legal needs are covered. Interested in peace of mind? Find out more:

7C’s: Cooperation

Each month, we're highlighting one of our 7C's, the values upon which our company culture is built. In December, we're asking our team what our value of Cooperation means to them. How does cooperation make a difference in business law? Find out later in the month!

Are you participating in International Volunteer Day tomorrow? If you're in Houston and looking for an organization worthy of your time, consider Amaanah Refuge Services, @amaanahservices, an organization dedicated to helping refugees find the resources they need on their path to becoming American citizens. We've volunteered with them in the past, and believe in the work they're doing to create a stronger, thriving Houston. Click here to learn more:

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned nearly every aspect of life on its head, and that certainly holds true for the business world. In this episode, Matt and Nasir explain how the early days of the pandemic felt like the Wild West and how the shifting legal playing field left a lot open to interpretation and instinct. 

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