Alexis Davila

Administrative Assistant


Laredo, Texas

People typically do not know:

I possess a background in martial arts, excelling in both karate and kick-boxing. I have actively participated in competitions and achieved commendable placements in local tournaments.

Bragging rights:

I bake delicious Cream Cheese cookies, especially during the holidays. Those who have tasted them can’t get enough—they’re a crowd-pleaser!

To focus on work:

I enjoy donning cozy headphones to immerse myself in the soothing tunes of Lo-fi music or engaging true crime podcasts. This, accompanied by a steaming cup of coffee or tea, creates the perfect setup for me!


Alexis is the Administrative Assistant at Pasha Law PC. Her role is to assist the team as best as she can with any tasks they may need her help with. She has administrative experience in the fields of IT, Retail, and Healthcare. Throughout her career, she has managed and supervised a team as small as 10 people to a large department of over 50. In each role, she is capable of working with leaders and partners to increase work productivity for each organization as well as provide a positive working environment.

Alexis studied at Texas A&M University and received a Bachelor’s degree in Forensic & Investigative Sciences with minors in Psychology & Sociology. She also has an Associate’s degree in Computer Networking focusing on Cybersecurity.