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As every year passes, there is a flurry of new laws passed that effect California employers. Here is an overview of some of the important ones.

Private Social Media Accounts Protected from Employers

Employers already can monitor internet activity with the proper notice, but this new law prohibits specifically employers who want to pry into their employee's private social media accounts.

Sales Commission Now Requires a Contract

The common game of continuously changing commission structure for sale's teams just got a little harder with this new law. These commission structure details now need to be in writing.

Religious Accommodation Now Applies to Religious Observance

This new law is more a clarification on existing law than an invention of something new. Religious discrimination has always been prohibited, but now it expands this right a little to religious practices including dress and grooming practices. Reasonable accomodation as defined by FEHA still apply; which means, if the accomodation results in undue hardship (and other exceptions) the employer is off the hook.

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