The Threat of an Attorney Demand Letter

Don’t panic. One of the great things about being an attorney is that for those inexperienced with them, people listen to your correspondence. For those in the business, this wears off pretty quickly. For some, the scariest thing sometimes is to get a demand letter from an attorney.

First thing to do – do not panic. The most valuable way to assess this letter is to do so without emotion as this correspondence is designed to intimidate, anger, and set forth a position that you will probably not like. Before overreacting, consider some of these factors.

  • If the facts are “all wrong,” realize that the attorney sent the demand usually with facts only from a single perspective of her client.
  • The common purpose of a demand letter is to settle the matter before litigation–try to look at it in the same fashion.
  • The settlement offer, if any, is structured so that the sending party leaves herself a bargaining position, so as to not appear weak.
  • Take legal theories argued in a demand letter with careful consideration, but understand that the attorney is free to allege all kinds of legal theories without much scrutiny within a mere letter.

Depending on the severity of the allegation(s) you’ll likely need to engage counsel to respond to any such demand letter, but if you have a working understanding that these letters, you are more likely to approach the matter in a better mindset.

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  • The Legal Consequences of the Ray Rice Suspension [e96]

    September 19, 2014

    Nasir and Matt talk about the legal fallout from the Ray Rice suspension by the NFL and answer “I’d like to know about the legalities and liabilities from a safety standpoint – whose responsibility is it to check that items conform to safety laws, what can be done to ensure that CE Certification, Kitemarks, RF […]

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    If you are thinking about buying a business, you must have lots of questions. Of course, you should get some help with this process — from your banker, your attorney, your accountant, and possibly a business broker. But no one wants to sail into any of these conversations without a little background first, so here […]

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  • Yelp Can Now Legally Manipulate Ratings [e95]

    September 17, 2014

    Nasir and Matt discuss the recent ruling which allows Yelp to alter reviews based on whether a business purchases advertising.  They also answer, “Hi, I am 16 and my partner is 15. We have started our own car brokerage business. When do you think we should actually establish and when we do, what should we […]

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  • Product Liability 101 for Small Importers

    September 16, 2014

    Global sourcing has lots of exciting potential. The recent entry of Alibaba.com onto the global stage along with others such as the FITA Buy/Sell Exchange, Euro Pages and Global Sources seems to presage a new age of borderless commerce. However, on a bad day, that also looks like caveat emptor on steroids.  Small business owners […]

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  • How Fig Newmans Benefited from Fig Newtons [94]

    September 15, 2014

    The guys discuss the beneficial license granted to Fig Newmans from Nabisco and also answer the question, “What things can I do to make my C Corp more attractive to investors?”

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  • Can the IRS Tax Employees for Getting Free Lunches? [e93]

    September 12, 2014

    Nasir and Matt discuss the IRS looking into taxing free lunches provided by Silicon Valley companies.  The two then answer, “I’m a franchisor, can I be held responsible for labor law violations of my franchisees if I don’t know about it?”

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  • How to Shed the Liabilities in an Asset Sale

    September 11, 2014

    So, you have decided to sell the business. Hopefully, you mean selling the business three to five years from now because that is the amount of time it may take to arrange the transaction in a way that benefits you most. Unless your small business is a C corporation or an S corporation, that also […]

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  • Mickey Mouse Takes Popular DJ to Court Over Trademark Infringement [e92]

    September 10, 2014

    The guys discuss the trademark infringement case involving Mickey Mouse and Deadmau5.  They also answer, “What should I include in a general release?”

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  • California Franchise Law Increasingly Unsettled

    September 09, 2014

    If you are either a franchisor or a franchisee in California, you can hardly be blamed for feeling disoriented. There is a lot going on, competing moves in different directions at different levels of government that may fundamentally redefine the franchisor/franchisee relationship.  And this is just part of larger seismic changes in the nature of […]

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  • Why California Employers Must Give Paid Sick Leave [e91]

    September 08, 2014

    Nasir and Matt kick off the week by talking about the newly introduced legislation that will require California employers to give all employees paid sick leave.  They then answer the question, “Can someone claim trademark infringement if my name is similar to theirs but I pronounce it differently?”

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  • Are Women Being Discriminated Against Before They Have Children? [e90]

    September 05, 2014

    Nasir and Matt end the week by discussing the recent study that shows how women may be discriminated against for the possibility of having children.  They then answer the question, “Can my work monitor my cell phone usage at work if it’s not a company phone?”

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  • California’s New Paid Sick Leave Law

    September 04, 2014

    On August 30, 2014, Governor Jerry Brown signed the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014, adding sections 245-249 to the Labor Code. Beginning July 1, 2015, all employers, including public sector employers, must provide at least three paid sick days per year to employees, including temporary and part-time workers. At first glance, the law […]

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  • When Somone Takes Over Your Social Media [e89]

    September 03, 2014

    Nasir and Matt talk about what to do when someone outside of your business takes control of your social media.  They also answer the question, “Who can sign off on an agreement for a specific type of entity?”

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  • The Sound and Fury Over California SB 610

    September 02, 2014

    After months of debate, California SB 610, intended to protect the rights of franchise owners, sits on the governor’s desk, awaiting signature. The editorial board of The Los Angeles Times has urged the governor to veto it, describing it as a measure that somehow simultaneously restates existing law and invites courts to re-write contracts for […]

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  • How The FedEx Employee Misclassification Case Affects All Businesses [e88]

    September 01, 2014

    Nasir and Matt discuss the recent case against FedEx that will affect many businesses.  They also answer, “I noticed that there is already an (my business name) registered under FBN with the county. From a legal standpoint, are the names too similar for FBN? I was planning on checking name availability with California Secretary of State anyways, […]

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  • The Legal Issues Surrounding Rebranding Your Business [e87]

    August 29, 2014

    The guys end the week discussing another well known company making critical labor law violations.  The two then answer, “We are going through a rebranding process, what should we look for on the legal side?” For a more in depth analysis of today’s question, check out Nasir’s blog post.

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  • If You’re Serious About Hiring Women Software Engineers……

    August 28, 2014

    Go where the women are, silly. The tech sector is notoriously awful at attracting and promoting women. There would be no point in spilling much more ink on that, but the truth is that the situation has gotten worse over the past 30 years in the US.  In 1987, 37 percent of computer science degree […]

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  • Is Your Company Fantasy Football League Legal? [e86]

    August 27, 2014

    Nasir and Matt get into a discussion about the Oakland Raiders cheerleaders labor dispute.  They also answer the question, “I want to start a fantasy football league with my employees.  Are there any legal issues with this?”

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  • Promoting Your Business Through Mobile Games

    August 26, 2014

    It’s time to play. Now what could possibly be wrong with that? The traditional methods of promoting a business with sweepstakes, contests and giveaways are a little difficult to adapt to online commerce, at least from the legal perspective. For businesses vying for the young, male, technologically sophisticated customer, they have a slightly musty scent […]

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  • Can Red Bull Legally Claim It Gives You Wings? [e85]

    August 25, 2014

    The guys kick off the week by discussing the Red Bull lawsuit over false advertising.  They then answer, “My employees are receiving small tips on credit card receipts and we get hit with a processing fee each time. Can we deduct the fee from our employees’ tips?”

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  • San Diego Comic-Con Asserts Its Trademark Rights Over Salt Lake City [e84]

    August 22, 2014

    Nasir and Matt cap off the week talking about San Diego Comic-Con suing a comic con in Salt Lake City for trademark infringement.  They then answer the question, “I want to bring on a new shareholder in my S Corp. The only problem is they are not a US citizen. How can I get around […]

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  • Women Entrepreneurs Hunt for Capital

    August 21, 2014

    Many women in the workforce (and many men, as well) have realized that traditional employment just isn’t working for them. Lean in, lean out, right or left, embrace STEM, try to beat the boys at their own game or don’t sleep. There are still only 168 hours in a week, life needs balance and the […]

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  • Who Owns a Selfie Taken by a Monkey? [e83]

    August 20, 2014

    Nasir and Matt debate about whether a monkey can own a copyright to a photo and answer, “There has been a lot of chatter with my employees. Can I ban gossip in the office?”

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  • Why Do I Need an Employee Handbook?

    August 19, 2014

    Let’s be frank. No one reads the employee handbook, at least not voluntarily. As communication goes, many fall quite short. On the other hand, your small business needs one to define employee expectations and minimize the risk of legal liability for employment discrimination or the wrongful acts of employees. It’s risky because an employee handbook […]

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  • Uber Fights Dirty in Ongoing Competition with Lyft [e82]

    August 18, 2014

    Nasir and Matt kick off the week by talking about Uber’s deceptive tactics against Lyft.  They also answer the question, “I recently incorporated in California, but when I tried to file for a DBA, my name was taken. Should I be concerned about this?”

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  • Restaurants Take Advantage of 2nd Amendment by Offering Gun Discounts [e81]

    August 15, 2014

    Nasir and Matt close out the week by discussing how restaurants across the US are offering discounts to customers when the bring a gun with them.  They then answer the question, “If I put a project up on Kickstarter and receive funds, do I owe taxes on it?”

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  • Even LinkedIn Can’t Get Overtime Rules Straight [e80]

    August 13, 2014

    The guys talk about the big payout LinkedIn made to its employees for backed pay.  They also answer, “I wanted to incorporate as an S Corp but I heard there are restrictions. What rules do I have to follow?”

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  • How the FMLA Can be a Headache for Employers [e79]

    August 11, 2014

    Nasir and Matt get into the story that may rethink your decision for terminating someone for having a headache (migraine).  They also answer the question, “I want to hire an employee from a competitor but I think he may have signed a  non-compete. What can I legally do to steal him?“ 

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  • Why Using “Skywalker” In Your Name is Not Trademark Infringement [e78]

    August 08, 2014

    Nasir and Matt get into the story about a woman being accused of trademark infringement after changing her middle name to “Skywalker.”  They also answer the question, “What is the agent for service of process and who can I use for my business?”

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  • UrbanSitter Finds You a Parent Recommended Babysitter [e77]

    August 06, 2014

    The guys talk about UrbanSitter, the company that matches up parents with prospective babysitters in the area.  They then answer the question, “Can I get in trouble for having my employees give our competitors negative reviews on review sites?”

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  • The Supreme Court Knows Nothing About Technology [e76]

    August 04, 2014

    Nasir and Matt discuss how the Supreme Court will address the upcoming technology based cases on the docket. They also answer, “What is the difference between a Trademark and Service Mark? Which do I need for my advertising golf cart business?”

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  • Pizza Shop and New Jersey Highway Fight Over an Eyesore of a Logo [e75]

    August 01, 2014

    Nasir and Matt talk about the New Jersey Highway complaining about infringement of its logo by a pizza shop in Florida.* They then answer, “How long do I have to wait until I can terminate an employee who was on maternity leave?” * Apparently to New Jerseyans, the logo is alluring.

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  • Fighting Parking Tickets? There’s an App for That [e74]

    July 30, 2014

    The guys discuss Fixed, the company that fights parking tickets in San Francisco.  They also answer “In our industry a few competitors have very very vague patents. For example one has patented “exit intent” technology that pops up something when a user is about to leave a website. This feature essentially can be replicated in […]

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  • Scamming Your Way to Free Rent Through Airbnb [e73]

    July 28, 2014

    Nasir and Matt kick things off by discussing the Airbnb squatter who refuses to leave the condo he rented.  They then answer the question, “Can my website be sued for publishing public records?” Update: apparently the Airbnb squatter may have raised some $40,000 on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter for a video game that never materialized, leaving scores […]

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  • Why the Crew of Temptation Island Is the True Reality Show Participants [e72]

    July 25, 2014

    The guys end the week by discussing the harsh employment standards surrounding reality shows.  They then answer the question, “My friend has a file with over 10,000 pieces of debt that he recieved from a collection agency that went under. What legal steps do I have to take to just be able to sit in […]

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  • The Female Sexual Harrassment Scandal that Spread in Silicon Valley [e71]

    July 23, 2014

    Nasir and Matt talk about the recent Yahoo sexual harassment claim involving two women and answer, “Why is it that manufacturers refrain from mentioning one another in their advertisements (eg. “Tide cleans better than these other brands – bunch of white bottles with no labels”)? This is observed with, well, basically every niche of the […]

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  • Making Airplane Seats Worse [e70]

    July 21, 2014

    Nasir and Matt talk about Airbus’s strategy to patent everything, including bicycle seats.  They also answer, “Hi guys. I’m thinking of creating a university professor rating website just like RateMyProfessors.com but for my country (Lebanon). Can I do that? It’s not gonna be an exact replica. Some things will be different. Do I need to […]

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  • There’s No Sleeping in Baseball on ESPN [e69]

    July 18, 2014

    Nasir and Matt delve into the recently filed lawsuit by a sleeping fan against ESPN.  The then answer the question, “Is it illegal for an employer to not pay an employee for training for a job? This is an hourly wage job, not contract. The location of the job is in California.”

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  • How Legal is the Wolf of Wall Street? [e68]

    July 16, 2014

    The guys talk about Yelp’s complaints that Google is altering search results.  They also answer, “In the Belford example and those working in “boiler rooms” they are convicted of using unfair selling tactics but what does that mean? Do salesmen not use unfair sales tactics when they psychoanalyze the client and use that to their […]

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  • The “Dirty Truth” About Website Comments [e67]

    July 14, 2014

    Nasir and Matt discuss one website’s struggle with regulating user generated content, an issue they’ve discussed with Yelp in the past.  They then answer the question, “I work for a firm doing a temporary assignment on a client’s work site. The firm calls me an “exempt hourly contractor employee” and deducts tax contributions per my […]

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  • Ep 66: Tinder and Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

    July 11, 2014

    Nasir and Matt finish up social media week by talking about Tinder suspending its co-founder for a potential sexual harassment lawsuit.  They then answer the question, “The general provisions at the end of contracts; how necessary are they and are there any that are musts to include?”

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  • Ep 65: Ten Second Interviews

    July 09, 2014

    The guys talk about the Irish Pub that conducted a hiring search through the use of Snapchat.  They then answer, “I am setting up a team for my startup company. Who are the essential people we need to have?”

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  • Ep 64: Fired for Facebook Complaints

    July 07, 2014

    Nasir and Matt kick off social media week by discussing the waitress who got fired for going on a Facebook rant after poor tipping.  They also answer, “Our company has really taken off but we now need some tech work done. Should we just buy some software or bring in someone in-house?”

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  • Ep 63: Why Lawyers Love the 4th of July

    July 04, 2014

    Nasir and Matt celebrate America’s birthday by discussing the newest decision in the hotdog in the eye at a baseball game case and the legal side of the 4th of July.  They then answer, “I gave my employees the option to take the 4th of July off. Everyone except one employee decided to take the […]

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  • Ep 62: Talking Franchises with Michael Davis

    July 02, 2014

    The guys welcome franchise owner Michael Davis to discuss his Cartridge World franchise and his experience as a franchise owner.  They also answer the question, “How worried should I be about the arbitration clause in my employee agreement and does this force me to only arbitration?”

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  • Ep 61: Patents and the World Cup

    June 30, 2014

    Nasir and Matt attempt to do a World Cup themed episode, as they discuss the recent Supreme Court case about patents and answer, “If I sell items online, can I have them agree to the contract by checking a box that no one reads?”

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  • Ep 60: Help with Yelp

    June 27, 2014

    Nasir and Matt again talk about Yelp, this time with its new chat feature. They then answer the question, “What’s the most important thing to include in a noncompete agreement?” Nasir’s note: here is the link to the site he deemed much better than Yelp: http://talkto.com/.

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  • Ep 59: The Importance of B Corp’s with Jim Osgood of Klean Kanteen

    June 25, 2014

    The guys welcome the CEO of Klean Kanteen, Jim Osgood, to discuss why his company decided to become B Corp certified and the positive effects the certification has had.   Jim also provides his perspective on the question, “One of our employees does great work and isn’t breaking any office rules, but we have noticed […]

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  • Ep 58: The Redskins Lose Again

    June 23, 2014

    Nasir and Matt kick things off by discussing the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office canceling the Washington Redskins’ trademark registration.  They then answer the following for a dentist from Napa, California, “We have a handfull of clients who owe us money. Some are a couple days late and some are months outstanding. At what point should […]

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  • Ep 57: Company Scores with World Cup Insurance

    June 20, 2014

    Nasir and Matt get World Cup fever as they delve into insurance coverage for the big event.  The guys also answer the question, “I own a restaurant. Can I help get to the new minimum wage by giving them a $1 food credit each hour?”

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  • Ep 56: Is Spam Texting Legal?

    June 18, 2014

    Nasir and Matt talk about the recent lawsuits filed against companies in Manila about spam texting.  They then answer, “We have a PTO system in place that allows employees to take days off, but many of my employees are requesting the same days off because of the World Cup. Can I prevent some from doing […]

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  • Ep 55: Tesla Patents for All & Company Cell Phones and Private Data

    June 16, 2014

    The guys discuss Tesla’s decision to go open source with its patents and answer the question, “Our sales people get company cell phones that are for work use only. One of our recently fired employees wants the pictures on their phone. Do I have to give it to them?”

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  • Ep 54: Kickstarter for All

    June 13, 2014

    The guys discuss Kickstarter’s decision to lower the barrier for project acceptance and answer the question, “Can I hire some summer interns and not pay them?”

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  • Ep 53: Firing Your Spouse with Meg Hirshberg

    June 11, 2014

    Nasir and Matt welcome author Meg Hirshberg to discuss her recent article about firing your spouse.  They address, “I run a business that hinges on customer service. My son is home from college and can’t find a job. Is it worth me taking the risk of hiring him knowing he probably won’t be good for […]

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  • Ep 52: Minimum Wage at a Maximum

    June 09, 2014

    Nasir and Matt talk about the effects of Seattle raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and discuss whether cities like San Diego will follow suit.  They then answer, “In late November 2013 I bought some things for a local business and was given a check for the exact amount a few days later. […]

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  • Ep 51: When Extreme Sports are Too Extreme

    June 06, 2014

    The guys end the week by talking about the waivers signed by participants in extreme sports like Tough Mudder.  They address the question, “I’m an independent contractor and was presented with an agreement that basically makes me liable for any mistake I make and not the company.  Is this fair, or even common practice?”

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  • Ep 50: Film Tax Credits with Steve Rothschild

    June 04, 2014

    Nasir and Matt welcome Steve Rothschild to discuss the film tax credit bill recently passed in California, as well as the importance of transferrable tax credits to businesses.  They also answer, “I received a demand letter from an attorney that is asking for way more money that I would ever be responsible for.  What should […]

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  • Ep 49: Beats by Apple

    June 02, 2014

    Nasir and Matt kick off the week discussing Apple’s acquisition of Beats and whether it was a smart purchase.  They then answer the question, “Should I give some of my employees a corporate credit card?”

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  • Ep 48: New Laws for Uber and Casual Fridays

    May 30, 2014

    Nasir and Matt break down the new laws involving Uber and Lyft in Colorado and answer the question, “Now that it’s almost summertime, I want to implement casual Fridays. Is there something I should restrict from a legal standpoint?”

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  • Ep 47: Paris Hilton Suit and Recording Your Employees

    May 28, 2014

    The guys discuss the most recent lawsuit involving Paris Hilton’s breach of contract and answer, “Is it legal to record audio of employees in the workplace without their consent?”

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  • Ep 46: Fast Food Robots and Raising Capital

    May 27, 2014

    Nasir and Matt talk about fast food restaurants replacing employees with robots and answer the question, “I’m trying to raise some capital from investors. When they ask how I am going to use their investment, what should I say?”

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  • Ep 45: All You Can Eat and Paying Minimum Wage

    May 23, 2014

    The guys talk about all you can eat buffets implementing surcharges for unclean plates.  They then address, “I have an minor working for me who said they would work for half of what the minimum wage is. Can I legally do this?”

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  • Ep 44: Are Secret Apps Really Secret with Daniel Libby

    May 21, 2014

    Nasir and Matt welcome security guru Daniel Libby to discuss the issues involved with the secrecy of whistleblower apps, and answer the question, “We had an issue with some customer info that was compromised. Should we tell our customers, and if so, how?”

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  • Ep 43: The House That Johnny Manziel Built

    May 19, 2014

    Nasir and Matt talk about the trademark filing surrounding Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M.  They also answer the question, “Can I put anything in my contracts that prevents my customers from leaving a negative Yelp review?”

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  • Ep 42: Snapchat Battles the FTC

    May 16, 2014

    The guys discuss Snapchat’s seemingly minor punishment for misrepresentations about its privacy policy and answer, “How do I decide what salary to pay myself?”

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  • Ep 41: Copyright Infringement of Mobile Games

    May 14, 2014

    Nasir and Matt welcome Jesse Lindsley to talk about people are ripping off successful mobile games and answer the question, “My partners and I have been developing an online software and a mobile app, but we are wondering if we should split the mobile aspect of our business into a separate LLC since not everyone is […]

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  • Ep 40: Workplace Loans to Employees

    May 12, 2014

    Nasir and Matt discuss the trend of employers providing loans to employees and answer the questions, “I know I need to pay some of my employees more to prevent them from leaving but I won’t have the revenue for another 6 months, what else can I do to keep them in the mean time?”

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  • Ep 39: Start a Fad Business & Business Bartering

    May 09, 2014

    Nasir and Matt talk about how a businesses based on a fad can succeed and answer, “I don’t have money to pay for certain services. Can I trade my products for other company’s services?”

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  • Ep 38: Creepy Privacy Policies & Protecting Proprietary Info

    May 07, 2014

    The guys discuss how companies use the data they collect and answer, “How can I make sure my employees don’t steal my proprietary info after they leave?”

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  • Ep 37: The Law Behind Donald Sterling’s Ban & Firing Annoying Employees

    May 06, 2014

    Nasir and Matt discuss the legalities behind the NBA banning Donald Sterling and answer the question, “One of my employees is very annoying. He does great work but I can tell he is not liked by most coworkers. I also know he will sue if I fire him. How can I handle this best?”

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  • Ep 36: How Workplace Relationships Affect Culture

    May 02, 2014

    Nasir and Matt discuss the story of a woman’s claim of sexual harassment at the software company Github.  They then answer the question, “Is it a good idea to get a patent before I start my company or wait down the road?”

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  • Ep 35: Roy Daya the Startup Guru

    April 30, 2014

    Nasir and Matt welcome business guru Roy Daya.  They talk about why a business might fail after an acquisition and answer the question, “I have put in many years to get my business profitable and just reached that goal this past year. We have a sound business model in place and secured investments so we […]

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  • Ep 34: Working at Walmart

    April 28, 2014

    Nasir and Matt discuss the Walmart that claimed its employees were home on Easter but were really working in the store.  They also answer the question, “I gave a small ownership interest to a friend. Now he refuses to do any voting in which a shareholder vote is required. I have the majority so do I need […]

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  • Ep 33: Working Remotely

    April 25, 2014

    Nasir and Matt talk about Amazon’s offer to employees to take cash to quit and answer a question on hiring employees to work remotely.

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  • Ep 32: Heartbleed

    April 23, 2014

    The guys discuss the effect of the Heartbleed virus on small businesses and then provide guidance on exempt employees.

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  • Ep 31: Hell’s Kitchen

    April 21, 2014

    Nasir and Matt discuss a lawsuit involving Gordon Ramsay and his business partner.  They then address the question of whether an attorney or a CPA should take priority.

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  • Ep 30: Culture is King

    April 18, 2014

    Nasir and Matt discuss UPS laying off 250 employees over the decision by one worker.  They also answer a question on the best techniques to keeping employees long-term. Update: Those 250 employees have been rehired.

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  • Ep 29: Working Overtime

    April 16, 2014

    Nasir and Matt address the problem surrounding employees not taking vacation.  The two also talk about overtime pay in the question of the day.

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  • Ep 28: Toothless Stock

    April 14, 2014

    Nasir and Matt talk about Google’s new class of stock that has no voting rights, as well as how to bring on investors without losing equity in the company.

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  • Ep 27: Ronald McDonald

    April 11, 2014

    Nasir and Matt discuss the commercials featuring Ronald McDonalds approving of Taco Bell’s breakfast.  They also attack the independent contractor misclassification issue from the employee perspective in the question of the day.

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  • Ep 26: Items of Flair

    April 09, 2014

    Nasir and Matt talk about the lawsuit over items of flair from Office Space and answer a question on options in purchasing a business.

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  • Ep 25: PiinPoint

    April 07, 2014

    Nasir and Matt discuss the potential benefit of PiinPoint, the digital location finder, will have on small businesses.  They also answer a question on whether you should make the first draft a contract.

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  • Ep 24: Candy Crushed

    March 31, 2014

    Nasir and Matt discuss the IRS deciding that Bitcoin is property and not currency, the recent ruling that college football players may unionize, a lawsuit filed over an asset purchase gone wrong, and why one early investor is not excited about the Candy Crush IPO.  They also answer questions about putting the “LLC” designation after […]

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  • Ep 23: Bracket Busters

    March 24, 2014

    Nasir and Matt start things off by discussing PayPal’s decision to stop freezing accounts for crowdfunding, as well as Starbucks licensing its mobile payment system, a company having to advance legal fees for a manager, and which NCAA tournament bracket contests are legal.  They also answer questions about what to discuss at board meetings, corporate […]

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  • Ep 22: Podcast Patents

    March 17, 2014

    In this week’s episode, Nasir and Matt welcome attorney Mark Wisnosky to discuss the ongoing legal battle involving patents on podcasts and legal crowdfunding.  They also talk about a class action lawsuit against McDonald’s, the proposed new rules for overtime pay, and Uber’s smart move to increase its insurance policies.  Nasir and Matt also answer […]

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  • Ep 21: Taking Selfies

    March 10, 2014

    This week’s episode examines who owns the selfie taken at the Oscars, why one food truck is facing criminal charges, how Getty Images is making some of its photos free, and a teen’s Facebook post that may cost her dad $80,000.  Nasir and Matt also field questions about who owns work created by an employer’s […]

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  • Ep 20: Best of the Podcast

    March 05, 2014

    This week’s episode features the best moments through the first 20 podcasts.  Topics include the popular sauce vs. crust debate, having your employees work on Thanksgiving, the interview with Jerry Sanders,  legalities of running a fake promotion, Texas A&M licensing the 12th man to Seattle, and the first and last employee vs. independent contractor discussion. […]

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  • Ep 19: Capital One, What’s in Your Home

    February 24, 2014

    Nasir and Matt start the show off discussing Facebook’s newest acquisition (WhatsApp), how Capital One’s credit card policy allows entry into consumer’s homes, the importance of new top level domains to small businesses, and how to not respond to a (fake) employee quitting.  They also answer questions concerning about hiring a minor, what expense you can […]

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  • Ep 18: Dumb Starbucks

    February 17, 2014

    In this week’s episode Nasir and Matt discuss the Dumb Starbucks store that surfaced in Los Angeles, an NFL player voiding his contract for more guaranteed money, and employees at Starbucks questioning a disabled veteran with a service dog.  They also welcome special guest Reggie Lal to discuss Ponzi schemes in real estate investing.  Nasir and Matt […]

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  • Ep 17: The 12th Man

    February 10, 2014

    Nasir and Matt kick off this week’s episode by discussing Microsoft partnering with Foursquare.  They also talk about Texas A&M licensing use of the “12th Man” to the Seattle Seahawks, the FTC going after a mega spammer, and the backlash by developers of King.com’s “candy” trademark.  Nasir and Matt answer questions about legal concerns of running […]

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  • Ep 16: Another Show about Pizza?

    February 03, 2014

    In this week’s episode, Nasir and Matt discuss some of Obama’s planned executive actions for 2014, Ohio pizzerias breaking employment laws, the importance of forum selection causes in contracts, and the crazy story behind one man losing his Twitter handle.  They also answer questions about changing business agreements, being an at-will employee, and running multiple […]

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  • Ep. 15: Fresh Off the Press

    January 27, 2014

    Nasir and Matt discuss a new law mandating paid sick leave for employees in New York City, the Union-Tribune in San Diego losing a lawsuit for misclassifying independent contractors, small businesses finding another loophole in the Affordable Care Act, and one person’s opinion to never do online banking for your business.  They also answer questions […]

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  • Ep. 14: A Golden Ticket Promotion

    January 20, 2014

    Nasir and Matt start things off by discussing one company’s huge victory over Yelp, and then get into Staples’ motives for cutting the hours of part-time employees and the FTC cracking down on Sensa for weight loss claims.  The two give a call to former gym owner, Noah Mangus, to discuss cancellation policies for gyms and the […]

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  • Ep. 13: Seacrest Out, Blackberry In

    January 13, 2014

    Nasir and Matt discuss Blackberry’s lawsuit against Ryan Seacrest, the changes to the small business health care tax credit, when unpaid volunteers can be considered employees, and combating bad weather for a business.  The two also answer questions about being responsible for debt in dissolved companies, valuation ideas for startups, and a partner withholding access […]

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  • Ep. 12: Ringing in the New Year, in Texas?

    January 06, 2014

    Nasir and Matt kick off 2014 discussing the new changes to Obamacare, a bookkeeper stealing from the business she works for, the consequences of raising minimum wage, and the backlash surrounding Uber’s surge pricing.  They also answer questions about paying yourself in an LLC, copyright infringements in a t-shirt printing business, and working with international […]

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  • Ep. 11: That’s What She Said

    December 30, 2013

    In the final episode of 2013, Nasir and Matt discuss an age discrimination case involving the Maui police department, FICO opening up to small businesses, the lawsuit over a copyright on the Baltimore Ravens’ logo, and the merger of Elance and oDesk.  The two also answer questions concerning starting a business at the end of […]

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  • Ep. 10: Smart San Diego Business with the Mayor

    December 23, 2013

    For the 10th episode of the podcast, Nasir and Matt welcome Jerry Sanders, President and CEO of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce and former mayor of San Diego.  The three of them discuss the jobs outlook in San Diego for 2014, the importance of retaining quality employees, and the value of craft breweries in […]

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  • Ep. 9: Phil Mickelson’s Home Office (he’s a golfer)

    December 16, 2013

    This week’s episode kicks off by discussing a photographer winning a lawsuit against Getty Images, businesses in Washington getting scammed over workplace posters, disability lawsuits targeting small businesses, Domino’s Pizza involved in a minimum wage dispute, and an animated reenactment of a recent Bob Filner suit.  Nasir and Matt also answer questions about someone stealing your business’ name, […]

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  • Ep. 8: Too Hot to Work & Too Cold to Shop

    December 09, 2013

    Nasir and Matt discuss Amazon’s refusal to sell a company’s products, one company’s lawsuit against a customer who wrote a negative review, Swarm Mobile’s attempt to track consumers inside stores, and the most recent lawsuit filed by the woman claiming to be too hot.  The two also answer questions about dissolving a company with debt, bringing […]

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  • Ep 7: Patent Trolls

    December 02, 2013

    In this week’s episode, Nasir and Matt debate how patent firms affect small businesses, discuss the importance of Small Business Saturday for local businesses, and analyze the lawsuits surrounding companies offering fake markdowns–anyone hear of false advertising?  The two also welcome guest Tyler Jensen of The Startup Garage, who offers his take on making financial […]

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  • Ep 6: Mining for Bitcoins

    November 25, 2013

    Tyler Sickmeyer of Fidelitas Development crashes the podcast, offering his perspective on stories about lawsuits surrounding the legitimacy of negative Yelp reviews, the crackdown on Airbnb and the sharing economy, the possibility of Facebook disappearing, and the legalities of fake online profiles.  Tyler also assists Nasir and Matt in answering questions about making employees work […]

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  • Ep. 5: Bean Counting with the IRS

    November 18, 2013

    This week Nasir and Matt discuss the legalities of Google’s virtual library, the lawsuit brought by Yelp reviewers, and watching porn in the workplace.  They also discuss the IRS shifting its audit focus with the help of Brad Gastineau of Gatto, Pope & Walwick, LLP.  Nasir and Matt also answer questions about employees making special […]

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  • Episode 4: Sauce vs. Crust

    November 11, 2013

    This week’s episode features stories about restaurant trade secrets, the falling out of a coffee shop partnership, and the assumption of risk involved in attending sporting events.  Nasir and Matt also answer questions about what a business should trademark, getting compensated for free services, and how to fire an employee.  Matt also recounts his experience […]

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  • Episode 3: Big Yellow Taxi

    November 04, 2013

    In their third episode, Nasir and Matt debate the significance of company culture, voice their opinions on legal directories, and discuss a newly formed taxi cab union.  They also answer questions about an employee taking his company’s domain name, whether it’s better to purchase or start a business, and the difference between employees and independent […]

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  • Episode 2: Chicago’s Deep Dish Pizza

    October 29, 2013

    Nasir and Matt discuss the questionable business decision that led to Deepak Chopra’s lawsuit, a new insight into Twitter’s valuation, the class action lawsuit of the week involving some big names participating in no-hire pacts, and new SEC proposals for crowdfunding.  Nasir and Matt also answer questions about ending a business partnership, the effect of non-competes, making […]

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  • Episode 1: Basement Slave Labor

    October 21, 2013

    In our first episode, we answer questions sent to Top Floor Legal regarding the legal needs of businesses.  We also cover the most recent Amazon lawsuit, the Legal Zoom v. Rocket Lawyer case, and the situation surrounding Arian Foster taking himself public.  We close by discussing a perplexing blog post on how to draft your own contract.

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