Nasir Pasha Wins Big For Defrauded Homeowners

San Diego, CA, Summer, 2012:  Three years of battle against Christian M. Dillon culminated with cooperation from the State Bar of California, financial restitution awards for multiple plaintiffs and the disbarment of Dillon.

On June 9th, 2009, Top Floor Legal received its first client call regarding Christian M. Dillon from a former client of his.  The caller complained he had given nearly $4000 to a company on Dillon’s behalf and with the understanding a loan modification service would be performed, yet no services were actually performed. Within four months, Top Floor Legal received thirty or more calls with similar complaints against Dillon.

TFL’s Nasir N. Pahsa, Esq. knew the first action to take in this situation was to report Dillon to the California Bar regarding said allegations, which he did under representation of approximately twenty plaintiffs who held documented records of their dealings with Dillon and his associates. Pasha prepared detailed reports for the State Bar of California and requested reimbursement for his clients through the Bar Association’s reimbursement fund.

Although there are still a few cases pending, the majority of TFL’s clients associated with the complaints against Dillon began receiving their reimbursements this summer. Unfortunately, some clients paid money to offices associated with Christian Dillon for which the State Bar reimbursement fund ( was unable to compensate because the companies were not licensed by the Bar.  These companies have since closed down and all efforts to trace their owners have proved fruitless.

Due to the combined efforts of Pasha and the complaints of others, the State Bar of California conducted a thorough investigation which resulted in the December 30, 2011 disbarment of Christian Michael Dillon, 66, of Dana Point, CA. Dillon was also ordered by the Bar to make restitution and comply with rule 9.20 of the California Rules of Court. Dillon stipulated to seven counts of misconduct in twelve loan modification matters. He used untrained, non-attorney staff to process loan modifications and advertised his services in California and three additional states in which he was not licensed to practice law.

Top Floor Legal is a boutique business law firm providing general counsel on a fixed monthly fee. With our model, your business’s legal needs are taken care of without the worry over cost or whether you are fully protected.  Because your engagement is month-to-month, TFL must consistently prove its value every month.  We do this by providing you with constant communication, quick turnaround times and risk-conservative, expert advice.

Top Floor Legal is located in San Diego, CA and Pasha may be contacted at 1-800-991-6504.

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