Your Business Protected. Try our legal services.

Pasha Law provides comprehensive legal protection for businesses by acting as general counsel for a fixed monthly fee. We do, of course, also provide simple flat fee legal services for limited scope projects.

Whatever your business legal needs, including contract drafting or negotiation, human resource advice, intellectual property protection, or even government compliance, Pasha Law has you covered from a legal and common sense business perspective.

At our firm, we pride ourselves on digging deep into the business of our clients so we can proactively address their needs. Pasha Law focuses on striking the right balance between conservative advice and practical solutions.

Why The Monthly Fee Model?

No longer should attorneys have an incentive to create work for themselves and take as long as possible to complete a task in order to maximize their billable hours.

The focus with our model realigns the incentives between attorney and client to create a value-based relationship.

How Does The monthly fee work?
How Does the Monthly Fee Work?

Pasha Law's fixed monthly retainer provides for generally every legal need of your business. At only a phone call or email away, your business has a dedicated general counsel to deal with virtually every legal issue.

Need a contract drafted? Need to terminate an employee? There are no hidden fees and no surprise bills. There are some exceptions that are not covered under this monthly fee, such as speciality services like litigation, tax opinions, patent filings, or other out of the ordinary services (see retainer agreement for details).

There is no long term commitment. Pasha Law realigns the incentives by allowing the attorney-client relationship to terminate at any time. This means that each month we must prove the value of our services to our clients. We believe this has been key in creating the close long term relationship that we have with our clients.

Not to be confused with legal insurance, Pasha Law provides actual legal services performed by business and corporate attorneys. The monthly rate varies depending on the needs and size of the business, but the general goal is to spread out your legal costs so that you may budget for the long-term. This means that instead of paying a sizeable up-front retainer deposit, your legal fees are spread out in a monthly fee.

We accept all major credit cards and BitCoin for most services

You have diverse needs. Our Services are many.

Pasha Law handles in-house pretty much everything that your business may need legally.

Contact Agreements

Contract agreements are the soul of any transaction and we've handled many. From the simple independent contractor or vendor agreement to the more complex asset purchase agreement, we have no problem structuring the deal for you.

Employment Issues

Employment issues typically pose the biggest risk to any business. Our focus is employment compliance with finesse-not all the answers will be in the handbook, although we draft those too.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is not just for the owner who likes order, but also for nailing down the structure of your business with you and your partners in a way that minimizes liability.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the intangible assets of your business that we aim to protect, perfect, and patent. We take care of most of these issues in-house, including trademarks and copyright filings, and setting up your business structure to make sure it is all protected.

Risk Management

Risk management requires long-term strategy with big picture reviews of your business. This is not something that most law firms can provide without developing intimate long-term relationships that we strive for with all of our clientele. Our bottom line philosophy is that litigation is almost always a losing battle, whether you win or lose.

Our firm believes in "7 C's" of quality legal services

We do well because we focus on proving our value each month.

About Pasha Law

Honesty, Hard Work & Trust.

Since 2008, Pasha Law has been protecting the needs of businesses of all sizes while staying at the forefront of the business law community. We now operate in California, Texas, and New York. We have the unique ability and skill to handle business deals that other firms may not have the experience to touch. Pasha Law strives for exceptional outcomes while also maintaining a risk-conservative posture for our clients.
What our clients say about us:
  • This has taken such a burden off my company knowing we have Pasha Law in house.
    President of an Organic Chocolate Distribution & Retail Business
  • Pasha Law is caring, efficient, and personal. I don't know what we would have done without them.
    President of an Insurance Brokerage
  • Pasha Law works wonders with the legal system. Inexpensive yet results driven, PL is truly one step ahead; we are happy to have them represent TLK Fusion.
    President of a leading Hollywood marketing firm in Los Angeles, California
  • Having hired nine law firms in the last three years, I can say with great certainty that Pasha Law has been the most personable and easiest to work with. They go the extra mile for clients.
    President of a Jewelry Line
  • Pasha Law always takes the time to answer my phone calls and emails.
    CEO of an Auto Financing Firm
  • Pasha Law has been a valuable asset to my company.
    President of Real Estate Brokerage
  • The main reason Pasha Law has been our first choice is due to their integrity
    COO of a Translation Service Provider
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